About my Screenprints


The Faraway Nearby is an ongoing series of prints, mostly 13x10 inches or 12 inches square. The starting point for a print might be a landscape that is well known to me and imbedded in my mind’s eye, or one I know only fleetingly.  A place as it appears in a finished print could be based on a single location or could be a composite. 

I start by making drawings in ink, pencil or crayon on vellum for each color I plan to print. I transfer the drawn images to screens, and then I pull ink across the screens to print on paper. I print one color at a time on each piece of paper in an edition, building the image from background to foreground as I add successive layers over the course of days or weeks. The prints are often an accumulation of ten to twenty printed layers. 

As I work, the source materials are transformed by qualities inherent to the medium of screen printing. The path from start to finish is rarely a straight line. The digressions along the way, the discovery and revision, influence the outcome. The subject matter is reflection, memory and time as much as it is landscape.

In this digital age I am drawn more than ever to the tradition of printmaking, and to hand-printing an edition. Screen printing combines drawing and painting. I like the challenge of creating a painterly image using a medium best known for commercial applications. 

I print small limited editions. Fine art prints are original works of art, not reproductions. Please contact me for information about purchasing prints seen on this site.